The Flu Threat: Swine Influenza, Greedy Pigs, and How to Keep Yourself Healthy

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Here we go again with the flu threat, this time a swine flu with the potential for a global pandemic – or so we’re told. I’m kind of tired of the same old “be afraid, be very afraid” tone in regards to the whole flu threat. There are really other threats with greater implications for our well being! But still, the subject is certainly worth our attention, as there is still a good possibility of depopulation. I will not be surprised if the swine flu makes a revengeful come back this winter. This is also a great opportunity to get healthy, remind ourselves how pharmaceutical companies make their profits and how governments restrict our liberties. If anything, what makes us susceptible to the swine flu, is the toxicity within and without.

Swine flu is a contagious respiratory disease, caused by a type A influenza virus, H1N1. Symptoms include fever which is usually high, chest infection is common and pneumonia is a common complication, occasional sore throat and runny nose, coughing, severe headache, general pains and aches that can be severe, vomiting and diarrhea, tiredness which is severe, and lack of appetite.

From December 2005 to February 2009, the US had 12 cases of human infection with swine influenza. The outbreak in Mexico might have started as early as March 18, when authorities began detecting a surge in influenza-like illnesses in the country. It was thought that it was seasonal influenza, but on April 21, the US Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention reported two isolated cases of a novel swine influenza in California. On April 24, Mexico announced that the same virus had been detected in the country’s outbreak of influenza-like illness.

Even though the World Health Organization stated clearly that it was not possible to contain the spread of the swine flu, we saw at the beginning of the month some nations imposing travel bans, or making plans to quarantine air travelers. Nations were supposed to take mitigating measures, not travel restrictions, but the paranoia level is so high that any excuse is a good one to scare us with unnecessary restrictions.

On Mainstream Treatment

Tamiflu, aka oseltamivir phosphate, is an anti-influenza treatment that works by blocking a viral enzyme that helps the virus to invade cells in the respiratory tract. In 2005, governments first bought billions of dollars worth of Tamiflu stock for the avian flu aka H5N1, and its shelf life is approximately three years. When the recent health emergency was declared, tamiflu treatment was released from the stockpile and made available without prescription for everybody even though it is a drug with serious side effects, including delusions, convulsions, neuropsychiatric problems, brain infections, and death. Tamiflu also produces nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, fatigue, cough – in short, all the flu symptoms… Some people are actually at a higher risk of contracting secondary bacterial infections when on tamiflu, and a flu complicated with a bacterial infection is one of the reasons for most flu-related deaths. In addition, it appears that tamiflu only reduces the length of the flu by 1 or 2 days and considering its high cost, it seems that the risk is simply not worth it.

Furthermore, there has been growing evidence of resistance to the drug, involving even patients who had not recently taken tamiflu. Shades of tuberculosis-resistant strains which no treatment can heal? It is incredible that this drug is available without prescription even when it was not tested properly through clinical trials, making its safety and effectiveness highly questionable.

I’m afraid the flu vaccine has proved to be even more questionable than Rumsfeld’s tamiflu. Vaccines contain dangerous ingredients and their effectiveness is highly questionable, with complications including neurological syndromes and death.

Consider also that on 19 March 2009, 1 month before the outbreak, Medical News Today reported that Sanofi Aventis was going to invest 100 million euros in a new facility in Mexico to produce seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccine. What a coincidence!

Furthermore, review of influenza vaccine studies published in the British Medical Journal by Tom Jefferson, MD et al found that published influenza vaccine studies sponsored by industry are treated more favorably by medical journals even when the studies were of poor quality. Everything for Big Pharma profits, including our children… Children who get the flu vaccine are more at risk for hospitalization than their peers who do not get the vaccine!

The Hidden Problem

Poverty and inadequate health care has serious connotations in pandemics. Malnourished people are more likely to get sick and it is in overcrowded living quarters were microbes thrive. It has been seen throughout history that developing countries are disproportionately affected by an influenza pandemic. If we are ever hit by a global influenza pandemic, it is likely that at least 96% will come from poor communities. So which is the real threat for the population, the swine flu or the injustice that makes poverty a norm rather than an exception in the world today?

We can also turn to Louise Hay to seek the hidden message behind the flu. She says that the attitude-cause of influenza is “response to mass negativity and beliefs; fear; and belief in statistics.” Familiar, eh?

There are several studies which reveal that those who meditate produce more antibodies than those who don’t, thus meditation decreases the chance of getting the flu. So before brushing it aside, lets remember that our thoughts and attitudes can have an outcome on our well-being.

In the case of this or any other flu fear mongering campaign, remember that the priority is to have a healthy immune system which will be ready to fight any infection without the need of toxic compounds (i.e. vaccines, drugs).

It seems that the flu threat fulfilled mainly two purposes: big pharma profits, and the threat of the elimination of some of the liberties we still have left. But as I said before, depopulation is still a good possibility and it has been in the drawing table for some time. Take this opportunity to start a health plan and stick to it so you won’t be caught off guarded if the swine flu gets out of control or makes a revengeful comeback this winter. If the flu threat motivates you to maximize your efforts to be and stay healthy, then you have done your part of turning the negative into something productive. Remember, it is the toxicity in modern foods and the toxicity in the environment that makes us susceptible. Detoxify with a proper diet and supplementation, and you’ll be safe.

Staying Healthy and Flu Tips

Bed rest. You need all the energy to heal and being active drains that energy. In general, make sure to have a good night sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping, take GABA 500mg and 5HTP 100 mg before dinner and before going to bed, plus some melatonin before going to bed.

Avoid drastic changes in temperature, this drains your body’s healing resources. Stay warm.

Drink plenty of water, at least 2-3 liters other than the liquids coming from foods and beverages. When you are sick, you need plenty of water to detoxify and fight the disease.

Chicken or vegetable soup is also very effective. You can make a soup with several vegetables: onions, plenty of garlic, celery, spinach, carrots, algae, etc. You can then discard the vegetables and drink the juice, where all the nutrients will be concentrated.

Lemon juice sweetened with a few drops of maple syrup is also a good option in case you have a sore throat.

In general, avoid any form of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Xylitol and stevia are allowed though.

Avoid dairy products including cheese, milk, eggs, butter, etc.

Avoid pre-packaged foods and artificial foods including food additives, MSG, fried foods, sulfites, preservatives and processed foods.

Avoid gluten or wheat: pasta, bread, oats, rye, spelt, barley, couscous. Instead try buckwheat, quinoa or whole rice.

Avoid alcohol as it puts a serious strain on your metabolism.

Avoid caffeinated beverages. You can drink herbal teas instead.

Do not suppress fever unless it is over 103 F and/or 39.5 C. Fever is one of our major defense mechanisms against the flu.

Basically, try to stick to a diet of vegetables and fruits and plenty of water. Sickness is a good time to make a fast with a very simple diet of vegetables, fruits, and water. In general, eat plenty of vegetables, brown rice and include meats like fish, chicken or turkey. Don’t eat anything that comes in a package and eat always organic foods. Additional nutritional supplementation is always advisable. In this way, you’re likely so stay healthy in a flu pandemic.

Flu Therapy

Oscillococcinum (Anas barbariae), an homeopathic prevention remedy.

Ferrum phos cell salt is another homeopathic remedy for the early stages of feverish conditions.

Vitamin C 1-4 grams per hour until you have digestive symptoms such as bloateness, a “gurgle” in your bowels or diarrhea. The idea is to avoid the diarrhea and don’t be surprised if you take up to 40 grams of vitamin C without any digestive effect, that means your body is in a desperate need of such nutrient when you’re sick.

Vitamin E. Immune booster, its effects are enhanced when taken with Vitamin C.

Selenium 200mcg, it calms the virulence. Do not exceed 50 mcg if you’re pregnant.

Zinc three times per day.

Colloidal silver, as directed on label. You can also spray it in your mouth, or inhale it.

Free-form amino acid complex, as directed on label.

Cod Liver Oil 1 tablespoon once or twice per day. A rich source of vitamin D and vitamin A.

Vitamin B complex 100mg.

A good multivitamin and multimineral supplement, note that you have to take the extra Vitamin C on top of the one contained in the multivitamin.

Elderberry syrup or tincture, 15ml. It helps to stop viral replication. It is very effective against the common flu, but it might not be helpful or desirable for H5N1 virus.

Garlic, antiviral.

Quercetin supplements, antihistamine, 1000mg 3-4 times daily.

Cinnamon Tea.

Ginger Tea.

Peppermint tea or oil, for headaches and stomach symptoms.

N-Acetylcysteine (Mucomist) to clear all the secretions from your lungs, it is also a potent anti-oxidant, source of L-glutathione.

Echinacea augustifolia or Echinacea purpurea. People with autoimmune disease, diabetes, and pregnant women should consult their physicians first.

L-Lysine. 500mg daily on an empty stomach. Take with 50mg of vitamin B6 and 100mg of vitamin C for better absorption. This amino acid interferes with viral genes, specially herpes virus but also virus in general.

Slippery Elm soothes sore throats, you have to add a few drops of maple syrup or stevia to make it more palatable.

Omega 3s, you can take 12 capsules of fish oil per day. Consult your physician if you’re taking blood thinners.

Probiotics supplements (specifically Bacillus coagulans or GanedenBC30 if you can get a hold of it)

Green Tea

St Johns Wort (Hypericum). Very effective antiviral.

Oral sodium bicarbonate, iodine, and magnesium chloride (careful, MgCl can have a laxative effect, you should avoid by taking smaller doses).

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