DMSO: The Real Miracle Solution (Addendum – Eye Problems)

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I receive a lot of requests for guidance about the use of DMSO.  I want to make it clear to my readers that I can’t legally give medical advice to anyone who is not my patient.  What I do is research and report on that research.  As for treating the eyes, in particular, I found the following:

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Volume 243, Biological Actions of Dimethyl Sulfoxide pages 485–490, January 1975


Robert V. Hill
Department of  Surgery
University of Oregon Medical School
Portland, Oregon 97201

This is a second report on preliminary work with dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)  in
the  treatment of  certain  ocular diseases. The  first  report  was made  in  February,
1973,  at  the  Science Writers Seminar  in  Ophthalmology,  in  Los  Angeles.(1)  The
retinal diseases  reported on  there were diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration,
and retinitis pigmentosa. At that time, DMSO did not appear  to be very beneficial  in
diabetic  retinopathy and macular degeneration,  but  did appear  to  have  some
beneficial effects  in  retinitis pigmentosa.

Since  that  report was  presented,  further preliminary  findings have  given  cause
for  more  optimism  about the  possible  beneficial  effects  of  DMSO  in  macular
degeneration, as well as  in  retinitis pigmentosa. Because of this evidence,  the author
is of  the opinion that more extensive, in-depth  studies should be done on  these two
retinal deterioration gr0ups.(2)  Although the possible effectiveness of DMSO on both
of these groups deserves further study, the author has found it possible  to undertake
an extensive, in-depth  study on only one group at this time,  the retinitis pigmentosa


The  first clue to the possible efficacy of DMSO in  retinal diseases was discovered
inadvertently.  Some  retinitis pigmentosa  patients  under  DMSO  treatment  for
certain musculoskeletal disorders felt that their vision had improved while they were
taking  the drug. Because of  their experience, it was suggested that  the author do a
preliminary investigation on  the effectiveness of  DMSO in  the  treatment of  retinal

Such  an  investigation was  begun  in  1972,  after  one patient who  was  suffering
from retinitis pigmentosa had  a  rather  spectacular  recovery  of  vision  after
treatment  with  DMSO.  This  treatment  consisted  of  topical application  of  50%
DMSO  in  aqueous solution  to  the cornea  by  eyecup immersion, for  30  sec, twice
daily. When his  DMSO  treatment  was  started  (February  10, 1972), this  patient
could  see hand motion  only with  his  right eye, and had  a visual acuity  of 20/200
(Snellen)  in his left eye. Five days later (February  15, 1972),  his vision was measured
as 20/70  +  1 in  the  left eye,  and he  could count fingers at 5  ft with  his  right eye.
Three months later, hisvisual acuity was 20/50  in the  left eye.

This patient has continued his treatments daily, except for a 1-week trial interval
without DMSO. He noted that his vision began to get worse during this interval, and
when he  restarted  treatment, his vision  returned  to the level he had just before dis-
continuance. His most  recent  visual  acuity measurement  (January  2,  1974) is still
20/50 in the left eye, and he is able to count fingers at 6  ft with his right eye.

An  additional 50 patients with  retinal deteriorations (macular degenerations  as
well  as retinitis pigmentosa) were  then similarly treated with  DMSO, and  the sub-
jective evidence gathered was also encouraging.(5) This subjective evidence consisted
of  improved  or  stabilized visual  acuity, improved  or  stabilized  visual fields,  and
improved night vision. (The evidence is considered subjective because it requires sub-
jective responses from  the patient.)  Of  the  50  patients treated  with  DMSO,  22
improved  in  visual  acuity;  9  improved  in  visual fields;  and  5  improved  in  dark
adaptation.  Two  patients  have continued  to  regress, and  the  rest  have  had  no
measurable or personally noted changes in vision.

The evidence of  low  toxicity gathered  in  the preliminary investigation was both
subjective and objective. The  objective evidence  of  low  toxicity was  obtained  by
serial fundus photography and  by  slitlamp photomicrography.  No  adverse tissue
reactions  were noted. Subjective reports by  patients on  toxic  side effects included
reports  of  temporary  stinging (usually  20  to  30  sec) and occasional burning and
dryness of the skin of the lid.

Some patients  also reported what might be  called a glare effect. It was accom-
panied by  increased sensitivity to  light, or photophobia,  in  some, and was reported
as simply a blur by  others. This phenomenon occurred within  the first month of  the
initial DMSO  treatment,  after  some early improvement had  been  noted  by  these
patients. The glare or blur lasted for a few days or a few weeks, and after its disap-
pearance,  the  subjects  again experienced subjective improvement  of  vision. This
improvement  was  expressed  as  improved ability  to  get around  at  night, and
improved visual acuity experienced as better perception of contrast.

The findings  of the preliminary investigation raise several questions:

1. Can the subjective findings  of the preliminary investigation be substantiated by
more objective methods of testing?
2.  Are  the  subjective  improvements  noted  in  the  preliminary investigation
anything more  than  the  fluctuations of  vision  usually experienced by  persons with
macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa?
3.  If  they are more than this, are  they caused by  the DMSO treatment or by  the
hopefulness of persons who had previously thought there was no help for their afflic-
4.  If  the  subjective  improvements  are  “real” improvements, caused  by  the
DMSO, how might the DMSO be working  to bring them about?
5. What kind of explanation can be offered  for the glare phenomenon?



The continuing investigation of DMSO  in certain retinal diseases is reported. Ob-
jective evidence of  efficacy has not  yet  been  obtained, because  the  FDA phase III
study is only now  starting. Subjective evidence continues to give reason for cautious
optimism, and toxicity appears to be minimal.


Inspiration and  assistance in  this study was provided by  Dr. Stanley  Jacob, of
the University of Oregon Medical School, Portland, Oregon.

For more information, please check this article at the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

As to how to apply this treatment – which should not be attempted without consulting your attending physician – I only have reports that it is done by diluting DMSO with physiological solution or sterile saline solution at  25-30% and applied with a dropper twice per day.

Get a small glass bottle with a glass dropper. Make sure you clean it thoroughly and/or boil it for a few minutes.

Get some saline solution from the pharmacy (physiologic solution or sterile saline solution).

Get a 10cc syringe from the pharmacy so you can measure the exact quantities.

With the syringe, put 30cc of saline solution into your small bottle. Then put 9 cc of your pure 99.9% DMSO solution in the small bottle.  Beware that you’ll have to extract and pour the DMSO liquid with the syringe quickly and as you pour the DMSO solution, you’ll feel a resistance in the syringe, so you’ll have to apply more pressure. It might be easier to do it in two steps: first pour 5 cc of DMSO and then pour 4 cc of DMSO.

Make sure your bottle is appropriately sealed and that nothing else enters the solution.

Again, I urge my readers to consult their physician.  Yes, there have been reports of miracle cures, but there have also been reports of this treatment apparently worsening the condition, so a person’s overall state of health and diet may have much to do with the outcome.  Indeed, that is true of any medical treatment and allopathic treatments have a very poor record of curing anything.  But before you take your health into your own hands, please do your own research, consult your doctor, so that you can make a truly intelligent and informed decision.

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  1. Alan  May 20, 2015

    Anyone tried this? If so how did it go? I and 25 of my family have RP and there doesn’t seem to be any procress in the research that is going on and if and when there is probably wont be able to afford the treatment/cure

  2. Albert  January 17, 2016

    My Mom was diagnosed with MD at age 75. She did the 50/50 DMSO/DistilledWater eye cup method. Initially, she could only tolerate 2 – not 30 seconds. She says: “It felt like my eyes were being burned out of my head”. The discomfort eventually diminished & she did 30sec, twice/day. She continued for 6 months, when the opthomologist found “No sign of MD”. That was 15yrs ago; Mom is now 90yrs!
    [Saline instead of distilled water is a good idea!]

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  January 17, 2016

      What a wonderful testimonial, Albert! Very pleased you shared your mom’s story, thank you.

      • Darlene brehm  February 28, 2017

        Could 10ppm (home made) colloidal silver be used for dilution of DMSO? Thanks. Love Dr Jacob. Have used DMSO orally and typically for 35 years.

      • Gabriela Segura, MD  February 28, 2017

        I know of people who like that mix. Just use DMSO with trusted products.

      • darlene  March 1, 2017

        Just read that 30% dmso is more than adequate for the mix without the burning effect…. Also, have you had any experience of patients using this for glaucoma?

      • Gabriela Segura, MD  March 1, 2017

        Not really, but I read this update from Caroly Dean which sounds promising:

        Glaucoma Calcification
        Carolyn Dean MD ND | Tuesday, February 28, 2017

  3. Johan  January 30, 2016

    anything for blepharochalasis?its an mmp originated disease.does it enhance other medicines wich can inhibit these destructive proteinases?

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  January 31, 2016

      It does, however, don’t combine it with any medicine that you don’t trust. Medicines might have toxic additives in them. I would combine with pure frankincense oil which is good for inflammation. I would also use a very diluted version of DMSO. The eyes are very sensitive.

  4. John  February 16, 2016

    Hello would dmso also work for albinism?

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  February 17, 2016

      Not necessarily to reverse it, but at least to help heal the skin after sunburn or radiation. I would use the cream version in order to avoid a burn.

  5. Shirley  February 19, 2016

    Is there a website of methods and administering DMSO for Ocular problems. I don’t want to make a mistake or use improperly or possibly go blind. Have aute ocular glucoma/ eye pressure build up.

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  February 19, 2016

      That is the kind of research that suffered when the establishment came down on DMSO. In the 50s, such research would be more common. What I know is reported in this post and in the comments section. You can have your eye pressure measured as you experiment.

  6. Charles Magner  April 11, 2016

    I have blepharitis in my right eyelid. I have used 99.9 DMSO a couple of times on my eyelid after cleaning lids with everclear. If it didn’t itch so much I would use it more. Am I seeing DMSO and distilled water at 30 cc water top 9 cc of 99.9 DMSO as an eyewash

  7. Robert McCue  January 27, 2017

    Hi Dr. Segura. Just a quick question about DMSO: Could Omega 3 fatty acid be combined with DMSO for oral consumption and faster absorption?

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  January 27, 2017

      I would combine DMSO with anything I would trully trust, Robert. BTW, I just published this one:

      Amygdalin – Cure or Poison?

      I’m revising the subject of Omega 3s because they seem to be pretty unstable. That is, you need saturated fat or anti-oxidants to stabilize the omega 3s. DMSO behaves like an anti-oxidant, so I suppose it could be a choice.

  8. Andreas  April 23, 2017

    Thanks Dr. Segura for your precious help on DMSO.
    I have suffered from Serous Retinopathy events. In one eye it has increased and the macular region is greyed out. The overall vision is okay, but glares, vision distortions, night vision difficulties, keep me always on the edge and scared. It also causes headaches and an unpleasant feeling of the unknown. It’s stress related, I know, and soon my stress level should drop soon.
    i just read and ordered DMSO 99.9% pure and the book. I will let my pharmacist prepare the mix in a dropper bottle. I’m quite “medicine savvy.”
    Can the solution be used as eye drops instead of washes with a cup? I think it would be more practical and less liquid could be used, if localized in the drops. If so, how many drops would you suggest, laying down, and letting them act? How many times a day? Thanks for any help.

  9. Darla  July 6, 2017

    I was diagnosed with Uveitis four years ago. I have been using DMSO eye drops twice daily for the last six months and have noticed a marked improvement in eyesight and no more light flashes. I began with a 50/50 solution but have since gone on to using nothing but DMSO. It stings but I get through it because I realize its doing such a great thing for my vision that I tough it out. I also use virgin coconut oil around the sensitive areas of skin around my eyes before dropping in the DMSO. I wish there would be more studies using DMSO so as to give people hope.

    • Darla  July 6, 2017

      That’s exciting news!

    • Andreas  July 18, 2017

      Hi Darla. Thanks for your input. I have now been using DMSO as reported by Dr. Segura… made a Saline / DMSO solution 10cc to 3cc of 99.9% pure DMSO and had great improvements also. Just wow.
      You said you mixed DMSO to Saline 50/50 and eventually used pure 99.9% DMSO drops in your eyes?
      I don’t mind the stinging at the concentration I used, but can you apply it without saline without feeling strong burning or even drying of the cornea? Thanks for sharing your experience.

  10. Telahun  December 21, 2017

    Hello everyone,
    Two years ago I was diagnosed with wet MD in my right eye. I was told to start taking injection right away. I delayed taking the injection and started taking AREDS 2. After I consumed a bottle when I went back, the doctor told me that all the fluid has dried up and I don’t have to worry. I continued taking AREDS 2 for few more months and stopped. The distortion came back. I went to Bacom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, Florida and started taking the injection. By the way Bascom Palmer was charging my insurance close to $14,000 to give one injection. So far I have taken three injections on monthly basis. The idea that they are charging $14,000 for one injection was burning me even though it doesn’t come from my pocket.
    Recently while browsing the Internet for home remedies for my wife’s knee pain, I stumbled on DMSO. After reading and watching videos on people’s testimonies, I ordered a gallon of ultra pure 99.996% DMSO, 70% DMSO and 30% Aloe Vera. I take two drops in each eye every day and put it on my knee and shoulder for my pain. I also take about two spoonfull by mouth on an empty stomach. It is only two weeks since I started. It is hard to believe. I say to myself it is too good to be true. The cloud in my eyes, due to the onseting of cataract, has cleard out. the pain in my knee and shoulder has decreased by 50%. It is hard to believe! However, my wife see no result so far. I hope it will work for her also.
    That is my story with DMSO.
    Good luck to those who want to try it.
    Remember since DMSO directly enters you blood stream, whenever you use it on your body, make sure your body is clean. Otherwise, it will take all the dirt and sweat with it into your blood!

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  December 22, 2017

      Great testimonial! Thank you for sharing.

    • Andreas  December 22, 2017

      Thank you for sharing. Dr. Segura suggested that DMSO in the eye should be diluted to a solution of 30cc Saline + 9 cc of DMSO at 99%.
      Please clarify how you mix the 99% DMSO with the aloe, in case people tried to use drops of 99% DMSO in the eye, which I believe it’s too strong. Thanks

      • Telahun  December 23, 2017

        If you search online, there aare companies that will sell you aleady mixed 70% DSMO and 30% aloe vera. Just type in Google search, “ULTRA PURE DMSO”. You get the site and choose from their product.

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