Detoxifying the Body, Mind and Soul: A Holistic Approach

Environmental toxicity  is absolutely everywhere. There are disturbing levels of man-made chemicals in wildlife, fish, waters, plants, even in the frozen Arctic. Household cleaning products, kitchenware, house insulations, carpet outgases, paints, solvents, insecticides, greases, lawn mower, gas water heater, heated car engine, gas dryer, wallboards, pressed wood, plywood, wallpaper, mattresses, pillows… You name it, and it has a toxic chemical. And it is not one or two toxic chemicals. Take for instance carpet emissions, which emanate over 200 volatile organic ...

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The Obesity Epidemic, Courtesy of the Agricultural Industry

If you love old movies, you’ve noticed that women back in the old days tended to have beautiful hour glass body shapes, a la Marilyn Monroe. Nowadays, such figures have become a rarity because women have become “boxy” in shape. Research suggests there are now five times as many “rectangular-shaped” women than those with the classic Marilyn Monroe hourglass shape. Almost one in two British women fall into the rectangle category, a boy-ish body shape where ...

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Miracle Mineral Solution, Master Miracle Solution, and Advanced Oxygen Therapy in the Gulf Coast

I thought I would give more background on how and why I wrote a warning about MMS. It all happened when a very close friend of mine nearly died after taking it. I was traveling at that time and felt helpless as I was told of her symptoms. She was basically lying near death in a comatose state and the local doctor was clueless as to what was happening. Her belly was the size of a ...

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Natural and Practical Detoxification for Gulf of Mexico Toxins

Last Friday, I had the great opportunity to speak on the Gulf Blue Plague radio show with Michael Edwards. A New Orleans resident also joined us to share her and her husband’s experience with natural detox protocols pioneered by Dr. Rea. Their experience is incredible and it parallels our experience with the detox as well. Don’t lose hope, you can detoxify and live! We also had a chance to talk about oil eating bacteria that are showing up in ...

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The Day the Water Died: Detoxing after the Gulf Oil Spill

The excitement of the season had just begun, and then we heard the news: oil in the water, lots of oil killing lots of water. It is too shocking to understand. Never in the millennium of our tradition have we thought it possible for the water to die, but it is true.

Chief Walter Meganack
Traditional Village Chief
Port Graham NativeVillage, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
(National Wildlife Federation, 1990)

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