DMSO: The Real Miracle Solution (Addendum – Eye Problems)

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I receive a lot of requests for guidance about the use of DMSO.  I want to make it clear to my readers that I can’t legally give medical advice to anyone who is not my patient.  What I do is research and report on that research.  As for treating the eyes, in particular, I found the following:

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Volume 243, Biological Actions of Dimethyl Sulfoxide pages 485–490, January 1975


Robert V. Hill
Department of  Surgery
University of Oregon Medical School
Portland, Oregon 97201

This is a second report on preliminary work with dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)  in
the  treatment of  certain  ocular diseases. The  first  report  was made  in  February,
1973,  at  the  Science Writers Seminar  in  Ophthalmology,  in  Los  Angeles.(1)  The
retinal diseases  reported on  there were diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration,
and retinitis pigmentosa. At that time, DMSO did not appear  to be very beneficial  in
diabetic  retinopathy and macular degeneration,  but  did appear  to  have  some
beneficial effects  in  retinitis pigmentosa.

Since  that  report was  presented,  further preliminary  findings have  given  cause
for  more  optimism  about the  possible  beneficial  effects  of  DMSO  in  macular
degeneration, as well as  in  retinitis pigmentosa. Because of this evidence,  the author
is of  the opinion that more extensive, in-depth  studies should be done on  these two
retinal deterioration gr0ups.(2)  Although the possible effectiveness of DMSO on both
of these groups deserves further study, the author has found it possible  to undertake
an extensive, in-depth  study on only one group at this time,  the retinitis pigmentosa


The  first clue to the possible efficacy of DMSO in  retinal diseases was discovered
inadvertently.  Some  retinitis pigmentosa  patients  under  DMSO  treatment  for
certain musculoskeletal disorders felt that their vision had improved while they were
taking  the drug. Because of  their experience, it was suggested that  the author do a
preliminary investigation on  the effectiveness of  DMSO in  the  treatment of  retinal

Such  an  investigation was  begun  in  1972,  after  one patient who  was  suffering
from retinitis pigmentosa had  a  rather  spectacular  recovery  of  vision  after
treatment  with  DMSO.  This  treatment  consisted  of  topical application  of  50%
DMSO  in  aqueous solution  to  the cornea  by  eyecup immersion, for  30  sec, twice
daily. When his  DMSO  treatment  was  started  (February  10, 1972), this  patient
could  see hand motion  only with  his  right eye, and had  a visual acuity  of 20/200
(Snellen)  in his left eye. Five days later (February  15, 1972),  his vision was measured
as 20/70  +  1 in  the  left eye,  and he  could count fingers at 5  ft with  his  right eye.
Three months later, hisvisual acuity was 20/50  in the  left eye.

This patient has continued his treatments daily, except for a 1-week trial interval
without DMSO. He noted that his vision began to get worse during this interval, and
when he  restarted  treatment, his vision  returned  to the level he had just before dis-
continuance. His most  recent  visual  acuity measurement  (January  2,  1974) is still
20/50 in the left eye, and he is able to count fingers at 6  ft with his right eye.

An  additional 50 patients with  retinal deteriorations (macular degenerations  as
well  as retinitis pigmentosa) were  then similarly treated with  DMSO, and  the sub-
jective evidence gathered was also encouraging.(5) This subjective evidence consisted
of  improved  or  stabilized visual  acuity, improved  or  stabilized  visual fields,  and
improved night vision. (The evidence is considered subjective because it requires sub-
jective responses from  the patient.)  Of  the  50  patients treated  with  DMSO,  22
improved  in  visual  acuity;  9  improved  in  visual fields;  and  5  improved  in  dark
adaptation.  Two  patients  have continued  to  regress, and  the  rest  have  had  no
measurable or personally noted changes in vision.

The evidence of  low  toxicity gathered  in  the preliminary investigation was both
subjective and objective. The  objective evidence  of  low  toxicity was  obtained  by
serial fundus photography and  by  slitlamp photomicrography.  No  adverse tissue
reactions  were noted. Subjective reports by  patients on  toxic  side effects included
reports  of  temporary  stinging (usually  20  to  30  sec) and occasional burning and
dryness of the skin of the lid.

Some patients  also reported what might be  called a glare effect. It was accom-
panied by  increased sensitivity to  light, or photophobia,  in  some, and was reported
as simply a blur by  others. This phenomenon occurred within  the first month of  the
initial DMSO  treatment,  after  some early improvement had  been  noted  by  these
patients. The glare or blur lasted for a few days or a few weeks, and after its disap-
pearance,  the  subjects  again experienced subjective improvement  of  vision. This
improvement  was  expressed  as  improved ability  to  get around  at  night, and
improved visual acuity experienced as better perception of contrast.

The findings  of the preliminary investigation raise several questions:

1. Can the subjective findings  of the preliminary investigation be substantiated by
more objective methods of testing?
2.  Are  the  subjective  improvements  noted  in  the  preliminary investigation
anything more  than  the  fluctuations of  vision  usually experienced by  persons with
macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa?
3.  If  they are more than this, are  they caused by  the DMSO treatment or by  the
hopefulness of persons who had previously thought there was no help for their afflic-
4.  If  the  subjective  improvements  are  “real” improvements, caused  by  the
DMSO, how might the DMSO be working  to bring them about?
5. What kind of explanation can be offered  for the glare phenomenon?



The continuing investigation of DMSO  in certain retinal diseases is reported. Ob-
jective evidence of  efficacy has not  yet  been  obtained, because  the  FDA phase III
study is only now  starting. Subjective evidence continues to give reason for cautious
optimism, and toxicity appears to be minimal.


Inspiration and  assistance in  this study was provided by  Dr. Stanley  Jacob, of
the University of Oregon Medical School, Portland, Oregon.

For more information, please check this article at the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

As to how to apply this treatment – which should not be attempted without consulting your attending physician – I only have reports that it is done by diluting DMSO with physiological solution or sterile saline solution at  25-30% and applied with a dropper twice per day.

Get a small glass bottle with a glass dropper. Make sure you clean it thoroughly and/or boil it for a few minutes.

Get some saline solution from the pharmacy (physiologic solution or sterile saline solution).

Get a 10cc syringe from the pharmacy so you can measure the exact quantities.

With the syringe, put 30cc of saline solution into your small bottle. Then put 9 cc of your pure 99.9% DMSO solution in the small bottle.  Beware that you’ll have to extract and pour the DMSO liquid with the syringe quickly and as you pour the DMSO solution, you’ll feel a resistance in the syringe, so you’ll have to apply more pressure. It might be easier to do it in two steps: first pour 5 cc of DMSO and then pour 4 cc of DMSO.

Make sure your bottle is appropriately sealed and that nothing else enters the solution.

Again, I urge my readers to consult their physician.  Yes, there have been reports of miracle cures, but there have also been reports of this treatment apparently worsening the condition, so a person’s overall state of health and diet may have much to do with the outcome.  Indeed, that is true of any medical treatment and allopathic treatments have a very poor record of curing anything.  But before you take your health into your own hands, please do your own research, consult your doctor, so that you can make a truly intelligent and informed decision.

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  1. Crimz  November 26, 2019

    Hi I wpuld like to know if DMSO can also cure CMV Retinitis. I am currently taking ARVs and I am afraid to take DMSO orally coz it might have an adverse effect the drugs I am on. Can anyone tell me if DMSO eyedrops solution can help me? My right eye can no longer see due to the CMV infection and my left eye has lots of cloudiness and floaters. Can no lonver read effectively. Hoping that someone can give me a helpful advice.

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  November 26, 2019

      I would try neural therapy with procaine for the eye. Perhaps there’s this therapeutic modality available in your area.

    • Health n wellness  November 6, 2020

      You may be interested in my comment I just left on the website in the comment section…

  2. Media Rays  July 13, 2020

    Thank you for publishing this Dr. Segura.

    Do you have any other published work regarding DMSO? Especially as relates to its efficacy and safety.

  3. Health n wellness  November 6, 2020

    I’ve read a number of testimonies of people making a 50/50 DMSO solution and said it stung just a bit briefly and they said their Vision is improving.. don’t know if they have an eye disease tho.. I have a history of macular degeneration in my family and my perfect eye sight is quickly becoming not so perfect this last year or so which I don’t wish to happen so plan on doing the same with the 99.9% pharmaceutical no odor DMSO I bought off amazon.. I finally decided to bite the billet and try A half tsp in my smoothie(will work up to the recommended 1 tsp in a couple days) it’s supposed to be super strong for detoxing the body so initially you may have a Herxeimer die off reaction initially which will pass.. I didn’t have this happen today tho with just 1/2 tsp. I also diluted it with purified water 50/50 2 drops of tea tree and 2 drops of Avocado oil and applied to my face with my hands and my skin was calmed and brighter and better hydrated.. put around eyes and never had any stinging or irritation at all! No garlic sulfur scent to this and so it doesn’t make you taste and smell like garlic! Internally I felt super amazing about a hhr to hr after so I think it’s a phenomenal product and healer! I was also considering using this product I came across called Can-C Carnosine Eye Drops contains two 5ml vials of lubricant eye drops with the powerful antioxidant n-acetylcarnosine as it’s star ingredient either after applying drops of 5050 dmso diluted in saline or adding the dmso to the can c product and transferring it to a glass vial with glass dropper to prevent any leaching of plastic into the solution as a result of the powerful absorption power of dmso so that it’s completely pure.. if I do this I’ll probably make a 60/40 dmso solution or start with even 70/30 just to test it out for any irritation first depending on how the can c is tolerated as is prior to adding dmso.. people swear that the can c drops improved their eyesight drastically! So I think both are worth trying.. if you’re interested in checking it out!

  4. riccardo  November 11, 2020

    I tested Eye Drop with dmso 20%..with saline and the second with Vitamin C.20%.and 3rd with Dmso 40%….without any Result with eye floaters…Wast time and money …❗ i dont believe in any Eye Drop ❗

    • Jeremy  December 26, 2020

      Hi Riccardo, do you mind saying how long you tried the DMSO drops? I have a cataract and I’m considering trying them. Thanks!

      • Riccardo  December 26, 2020

        i used more than 4 month but wothout any Result..i say just the truth …i read alot comments about eye floaters …but i bought 3 eye drop 20 %with vitamine C..2nd 20% with salin + 1 with 40٪ dmso …i dont see any diffrence with eye floaters …Zero Result …i think all comments there are friends and acquainances the page that sells the drop – I Recomendedd you just CDS or MMS miracle mineral sloution .. this working . Best Regards ..have a happy new year … remember i used 3….eye drop for nothing …❗

    • Jeremy  December 27, 2020

      Thank you for letting me know. Can you explain more about what is working for you? CDS or MMS and how you use that or where I can find more information about it. Please and thank you again!

      • Riccardo  December 27, 2020

        my friend Best CDS(Dioxido de cloro ) or MMS..its the same …cure every things in body and eyes
        others productd Wast time and money ..Best Regards

      • Riccardo  December 27, 2020

        Please Try hexane-free, cold-pressed castor oil .for Cataract.
        succesfull with many peoples..1 gota at night in every ojos for 3 month .. and its very cheap Best Regards

  5. Banana in your  February 15, 2021

    I have tried dmso 99.9 present reinheit 2 drops a day for oral intake with watter. Gives energy boost. But my eye sight lol. Abit blurry on long distances. Dunno why can anyone put a camera in my eye and see why

  6. James  June 26, 2021

    Hi, I had something happen to my left eye suddenly at work one day, I was applying some rosewood oil on wood outside in good ventalation and a nice breeze, the fumes were very strong however I did not get any oil in my eyes but suddenly my eye sight was very weird in my left eye and I saw a strange kind of floater or something like a canyon fisser like a blood vessel or something and some spots.Up until that day my eyes were pretty good for 55 yrs of age I am a type 2 diabetic, but have that pretty well under control with diet and exercise and my eyes were good prier to that day, although I had been playing a video game on my phone for a few weeks maybe 1 or 2 hours a day, I use a blue light filter on the phone but I remember thinking that I was over doing it a bit and should give it a rest for a few days or weeks. Anyway I remembered that I had purchaced some dmso a couple of years ago and had heard that it could help with eye problems, so I mixed up some in a glass dropper bottle about 20% dmso and 80% distilled water and put drops in my eye about three or four times a day for about two weeks.. Well honestly, I did not notice any change at all, so a couple of days ago I decided to mix up another batch this time I used sterile saline with dmso at about 30-35% and I have to say that I did notice a difference with the higher dmso ratio my eyes are definetly better, I would have to say maybe 25-30% better as far as the weird fisser thing and spots (which are the exact same things that I have been seeing since that day) not as noticable in my line of sight. Now this does seem to be somewhat temporary as I have to re apply drops to acheive the results, but I am optimistic about the dmso now and will continue to use and maybe one day my eye will go back to normal. Also does anyone have any idea what may have happened to my eye that day?.. Thanks JB

  7. Fernanda Isabel  October 21, 2022

    Hi Drª Gaby, is there any chance you make an apointment (DMSO and macular disease / Robert V. Hill 1973) to a pacient in Portugal using Zoom? Thank you so much!


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