Heal Thyself with Homemade Liposomal Vitamin C

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“In fact even when there is not a single outward symptom of trouble, a person may be in a state of vitamin C deficiency more dangerous than scurvy itself. When such a condition is not detected, and continues uncorrected, the teeth and bones will be damaged, and what may be even more serious, the blood stream is weakened to the point where it can no longer resist or fight infections not so easily cured as scurvy.” –Food and Life Yearbook 1939, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Vitamin C has been a long-time favorite supplement for many and for very good reasons. It is the one thing that has made the whole difference for detox purposes, but it has also saved the lives of many around the world. It has regained popularity recently as a DNA protector from free radical damage in workers with severe radiation exposure at the Fukushima nuclear plant, where workers had no significant change in both free DNA and overall cancer risk when supplemented with vitamin C.

Vitamin C also helps manufacture collagen, vital for the health of all our tissues and the repair of blood vessels, teeth, joints and bones. It also helps to normalize blood pressure, heal degenerative diseases and prevent premature aging. It is vital so our immune system can fight viruses, bacteria and other microbes. Vitamin C is also important in the synthesis of brain chemicals such as our happy mood neurotransmitter – serotonin.

Megadose Vitamin C


Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling and Dr. Irwin Stone have helped pioneer the concept of orthomolecular medicine which uses megadose vitamin therapy – vitamin C in doses higher than those required for normal cellular functions. When taken in very high doses (10 or 100 grams or more per day, depending upon the person’s requirements and illness) vitamin C fights off serious illness. For instance, when the body is challenged by cancer, colds, toxicity or diseases, we are overwhelmed with free radical production. This is when our requirements of vitamin C increases. Read about Vitamin C’s Historical and Miraculous Record.

Mainstream medicine remains in the dark when it comes to knowledge about vitamin C despite the miraculous effects it has had on people whose prognosis was fatal. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, is something you want to have in your medical cabinet, as it can save your life as it had done so for so  many people around the world. Vitamin C is also the best thing so far for adrenal support during very stressful times and/or when we feel extremely fatigued.

As a powerful water-soluble anti-oxidant that we are not capable to synthesize within our bodies, you might want to take 1 heaping teaspoon (4 grams) per day, when you first start detoxifying. During stressful times (either emotional or from illness) more doses are required, especially when you are eating a diet rich in carbs.

As it happens, vitamin C and sugar use the same port entry to access our cells and when there is little to no sugar to compete, a higher percentage of vitamin C gets into the cells making our requirements shrink. This is why our need for vitamin C goes down to the point where most people had to minimize or even eliminate it in a ketogenic diet – a diet based on animal foods and fats. And since most animals make their own vitamin C, it is possible to get enough vitamin C in a ketogenic diet without any plant foods by eating the proper parts of the animal: organs.

Keep in mind that vitamin C dosage should be built up gradually, and the same is also true for lowering the dose of vitamin C, in order for our bodies to adjust to the change. Going slowly also prevents Herxheimer reactions which come when you first start detoxifying. A Herxheimer reaction is an excretion of toxins from dying microbes (i.e. yeast overgrowth), sometimes called a ‘die off’ reaction.

Some say that pregnant women should not exceed 5 grams of vitamin C a day, although early pioneers on vitamin C have used very large doses for the benefit of both the mother and the baby. Large doses can cause diarrhea since excess vitamin C than your body requires doesn’t get absorbed. In time of illness, you can gradually increase vitamin C by 2 to 4 grams each hour until your tummy starts to gargle or you have a loose stool. This is what is known as titrating doses of vitamin C.

The most inexpensive vitamin C is ascorbic acid which you can get in bulk size, although other high quality forms and alkaline and better absorbed versions are available such as sodium ascorbate. If ascorbic acid gives you acidity, mix with some stevia, xylitol or a little bit of sodium bicarbonate to take the bite off.

For those concerned that vitamin C will increase their blood sugar levels, well, it seems that it doesn’t, even at doses of 2 grams every 3 hours.

Unfortunately, with so many medical regulations and drug protocols, vitamin C’s healing effects has remained in the back stage in a system ruled by Big Pharma. Despite this, it continues to help many around the world and it is starting to regain increasing popularity in conditions where no drug has made such a difference as vitamin C does.

Nowadays there are options that can substitute the intravenous (IV) vitamin C therapy in megadoses in the form of liposomal vitamin C which can be taken orally and made at home. If you are interested in getting the benefits of IV vitamin C in megadoses from the comfort of your home, don’t miss this relevant information!

Liposomal Vitamin C


A liposome is like a bag that carries a substance into your body and its cells. It is incredibly effective at this task since it is made out of fat. As it happens, it is the same type of fat that make up cell membranes, making the job of crossing this barrier much easier. Plus, liposomes are super tiny and in that way, they can go through every teensy crack of our cell barriers.

In order to achieve an effective megadose vitamin C dose – for instance, to kill cancer cells – you need to achieve a vitamin C blood level of around 250-350 mg/dl. An average person will typically have around 1 mg/dl on a fairly decent diet. After a 25 to 50 grams IV vitamin C therapy delivered in about a 90-minute period, the blood level is in the 200 to 300 mg/dl range.

Reports say that 6 g of oral liposomally-carried vitamin C is equal in delivering vitamin C inside cells, where it does its work, to 50 grams of intravenous vitamin C.

To make Liposomal Vitamin C, you need an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner like the one in the image. Just type on amazon.com or other store of your convenience and see which size is the most practical one for you.

Then you’ll need sunflower lecithin or non-GMO hexane free soy lecithin, and the vitamin C, preferably as sodium ascorbate.

3 level tablespoons of lecithin.
1 level tablespoon of sodium ascorbate.
Dissolve the lecithin in 1 cup (240cc) of warm or cold water, preferably distilled. Let it soak for a couple of hours or so. It doesn’t have to clump, so using warm water is preferable (not hot!).

Dissolve the sodium ascorbate in 1/2 cup warm water, preferably distilled.

Pour both solutions together into the ultrasonic cleaner and mix for around 20 to 25 minutes.

A loading dose, for several months, of liposomal vitamin C is likely 2,000 mg three times a day, maintenance , 1,000 mg twice daily, increasing doses and amounts when needed.

This recipe provides 12 grams (12000 mg) of Vitamin C Ascorbate at about 70% – 90% liposomal encapsulation efficiency. It will keep at room temperature for about 3 to 4 days and refrigerated, it will keep much longer.

Recall that 6 grams of this stuff is the equivalent of 50 grams IV vitamin C. So you can take half the solution throughout the day for a day or two in case of illness. Wean off gradually throughout the days though, so no artificial drastic lack is perceived by the body.

I’ve used 3 tablespoons of sodium ascorbate with good absorption results as well. Three tablespoons instead of one tablespoon as indicated in the above recipe will yield around 16 grams of vitamin C per cup. The absorption of the liposomal variety is about 5 times the absorption of vitamin C straight, so that is approximately 80 effective grams (IV therapy).  That is a very high dose indeed! You will have to take that one cup throughout the day though, I doubt you’ll tolerate drinking in one seat without having diarrhea.

A note of caution


Those with iron overload (ask your physician to test for ferritin, transferrin, TIBC and iron) should keep in mind that vitamin C increases the absorption of iron into the body, especially in the heart where it can cause heart failure, palpitations and others. Ferritin levels should be ideally less than 80 and transferrin saturation should be less than 40%. If you are above those levels, you might want to donate some blood or refer to the Iron Disorders Institute. A great book on the subject is The Elephant Iron by Roberta Crawford.

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  1. marlou irvine  April 22, 2016

    Hello Dr. Segura,
    Thank you so much for this vital information and your willingness to share with all of us. My question is, can I use acerola cherry extract powdered in place of the ascorbic acid you used? And would it be as beneficial? What is your opinion?
    Thank you,

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  April 27, 2016


      I used the same in the past. I remember feeling a striking difference in my mood and energy levels. I continued with ascorbic acid because it is cheaper and works very well. The acerola I bought in a French market where I didn’t had my supplements with me. Best!

    • Pam  August 28, 2016

      That’s even better the cherry

  2. Corina  May 3, 2016

    Hello again!
    I am so confused about taking vitamin C. I read pro and cons.

    There was a study, (from (MayoClinic) among others who wrote that vitamin C shouldn’t be taken if the person has high blood pressure, which my mother does, because it may cause more damage. I want to help her, not aggravate her situation. She suffered a stroke and I am searching for ways to improve her health.
    Here are some fragments :

    ”Vitamin C may cause abdominal cramps or pain, chest pain, dental erosion, dizziness, diarrhea, faintness, fatigue, flushing, gut blockage, headache, heartburn, increased risk of lung cancer, increased risk of Parkinson’s disease, inflamed esophagus, injection site discomfort, nausea, red blood cell complications, skin tingling or irritation, slowing of endurance training, thickening of blood vessels close to the heart, urinary complications, and vomiting.

    High doses of vitamin C have been associated with multiple adverse effects. These include blood clotting, death (heart-related), kidney stones’ ‘ […]

    ” Vitamin C may increase blood pressure. Caution is advised in people with high blood pressure ” ?!!

    ”Avoid high doses of vitamin C in people with conditions aggravated by increased acid, such as advanced liver disease, gout, a disease where kidneys fail to remove extra acid from the body, or a disease with early breakdown of red blood cells.”

    Can I give her vitamin C? Should I ask her doctor? Do doctor have different opinions about taking high dosages of vitamin C?

    Many thanks!
    Corina, Romania

  3. Kevin  May 10, 2016

    Hello, Dr. Segura,

    I would like to begin making liposomal C but I just read (on the referenced website) that true “Liposomal” C can not be made using an ultrasonic (which I recently purchased for this purpose).

    Is that correct? Or, is what is being made in an ultrasonic fully integrated Liposomal?


    • Gabriela Segura, MD  May 10, 2016

      The liposomal manufacturers will say that the ultrasonic version doesn’t work, however, we have had several encouraging testimonials with the home made version.

      For me, personally, plain ascorbic acid works just fine. I leave the liposomal version for emergencies and/or when there is increased need of high levels of vitamin C in the bloodstream.

      • Garry  May 13, 2016

        Hi again Gabriela,
        recently had a hellish time with Giardiasis and took doctors very long time to detect it. I knew I had some thing bad and took up to 6 grams of home made lipo c and it didn’t knock the Giardiasis over but what I have experienced is an enormously increased tolerance to dust mites and I’m an avid spear fisherman that used to suffer from “acqua ear” with liquid meds taken after every dive to drain the sea water but now don’t need to. I’m still in the experimental stages of lipo C dosage range but for now can attest to its brilliant healing properties and understand why ultra Pharmas don’t want people to appreciate vit C , such a shame. My Asthma has lessened to which I can dive for about 20 seconds longer than not having taken the lipo C. Keep up the great work. Some times great medical outcomes come from an open and explorative mind not some biased over qualified/ paid “scientist” with more letters after their names than the alphabet……….regards, Garry, Australia.

      • Gabriela Segura, MD  May 13, 2016

        Great testimonial, Garry! Thank you for sharing. Best!

      • bill Pilkington  July 23, 2016

        Hi. For sure you can use an ultrasonic cleaner. For more information: https://bestultrasoniccleaner.wordpress.com/2016/07/23/ultrasonic-cleaners-making-liposomal-vitamin-c

  4. Eddie  May 10, 2016

    Hi Dr. Segura, I have the symptoms of peripheral artery disease. Would high dosing with liposomal vitamin C help my situation? Best regards.

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  May 10, 2016

      Eddie, you need to make sure you don’t have iron overload, otherwise loading up vitamin C might worsen your condition. Look into EDTA protocols if you have iron overload. Get a blood test with transferrin, iron, ferritin, and TIBC (total iron binding capacity). Make sure you’re not eating inflammatory foods as well. You need to detoxify carefully as well.

      One step at a time, it can make the whole difference. Best!

      • Eddie  May 10, 2016

        Hi Dr. Segura, thank you for replying. My iron level is below the middle of the normal range. My last blood test showed an iron level of 78 ug/dL on a reference range of 38-169 ug/dL. My ferritin came in at 66.8 ng/mL on a reference range of 26.0-388.0 ng/mL. I recently gave up grains, legumes, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and high glycemic foods because I had my insulin and Ha1c tested and both came in high. I eat quite a bit, but none of the foods I gave up. My oil intake consists of olive oil, avocados, coconut oil on occasion and nuts. I use no oils made from grains. I Googled PAD and vitamin C earlier and found some good articles on the subject. There was a study done and it seems that a high percentage of individuals with PAD were deficient in Vitamin C. From what I read the inflammation/free radicals are being attacked by our antioxidants (Vitamin C) so that is the reason for the deficiency. I will incorporate the antioxidants like pomegranate, resveratrol, blueberry extract into my daily supplementation. Any other suggestions or comments are appreciated. Best.

      • Gabriela Segura, MD  May 13, 2016

        I would look into heavy metal toxicity. You could do a DMSA challenge test – DMSA 15-30mg per kilo of body weight, then collect your urine 6 hours later : http://dmsachelation.com/

        You didn’t mentioned it specifically, but I would avoid dairy as well. Best!

      • Arthur Williams  May 30, 2016

        Hi Gabriela, I have made liposomal vitamin c for several years. I was using it to see if it would help circulation in my feet. This came about from metabolic syndrome. Well the liposomal vitamin c got my blood sugars under control along with dietary changes. The best thing I have found for my feet though was a vitamin called benfotiamine. The liposomal citamin c has certainly helped my sister who has adrenal fatigue.

      • Gabriela Segura, MD  May 30, 2016

        Thank you for sharing, Arthur. That is a great story. Compare that to the thousands of poor souls opting for medication to manage their diseases. That is why I always love to hear stories like yours.

  5. Eddie  May 13, 2016

    Thank you Dr. Segura. Always appreciate you comments and suggestions. Best.

  6. Eddie  June 1, 2016

    Since Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron, how far apart should I take the Vitamin C from a high iron food like beef liver? I want to make sure my iron doesn’t get too high. Thanks

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  June 2, 2016

      You can take the vitamin C in between meals. Best!

      • Eddie  June 2, 2016

        Thank you Dr. Segura.

  7. Bill Hawks  June 5, 2016

    Sodium ascorbate. Are you speaking of technical sodium ascorbate? If not, what form of sodium ascorbate should be used to create liposomal C per recipe? What ascorbate source/brand have you used that worked for you in the liposomal form?

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  June 5, 2016

      Sodium ascorbate powder like the one sold by Now Company and many other supplement companies.

      • Bill Hawks  June 5, 2016

        What is the target ascorbate content by weight? Does it vary? Do you know if these are starch carriers?

      • Gabriela Segura, MD  June 5, 2016

        What the recipe says is close enough for horseshoes. For more details, you can read the comments and how other people did it.

      • Bill Hawks  June 5, 2016

        The target ascorbate content by weight of the powder source…

  8. LaVerne  June 5, 2016

    Dr. Segura,

    Thank you for such an insightful site. Does this type vitamin c assist with hashimotos? I have purchased all the ingredients and tools but thought I would ask you as an expert. Thanks You,

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  June 5, 2016

      Anything that decreases the oxidative stress associated with autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s will help. Whether vitamin C (liposomal or not), iodine therapy + selenium and other minerals, heavy metal chelation (slowly but surely), anti-inflammatory diet (no gluten grains, no processed GMO food), etc. There is more info in my other posts. See the one on iodine, the ketogenic diet, and iron overload. It is good info. Best!

  9. Lisa solatka  June 12, 2016

    I would like your input before I begin taking Liposomal C to see if it will help with the chronic tongue ulcers I have had for many many years. I discovered my ferritin level was 6 (range 8-388). I just received two IV infusion a week apart the first two weeks of May this year. My Dr wants my iron labs checked in 3 months (August). Should I have them checked earlier to start the liposomal C? Is there potential danger with this situation?
    Thank you so very much!

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  June 12, 2016

      No, on the contrary. Liposomal C will help you build up your ferritin levels. You should be careful only if you have iron overload. In your case, you seem to be on the very low end.


  10. Heidi  June 22, 2016

    I recently started making my own vitamin c. I use soy lecithin. Is it bad to use soy?

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  June 22, 2016

      If that is what you have available, that is fine. Make sure it is non GMO though.

  11. Pam  June 25, 2016

    Somebody has told me this produce needs to contain alcohol to be effective (ie in the recipe). Am adding the link to see what your thoughts are. Thank you : ) (I am about to purchase another ultrasonic cleaner as the el cheapos that I used have died a quick death).


    • Pam  June 25, 2016

      And thank you for all the valuable info. Appreciated : )

      • Eddie  June 28, 2016

        Hi Pam,

        Thank you for sharing. I am pretty much doing what you are doing, but not seeing any progress. I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes it fades. I will check out those links you provided. Best. Eddie

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  June 25, 2016

      Yes, there are other recipes which include alcohol. I prefer to skip that altogether. You can experiment with both though and see what it does for you. You can report back too. Cheers!

      • Pam  June 26, 2016

        Thank you Gabriela. Yes have had a long discussion on another forum about it. A friend has used it to heal her horse with amazing results. That and Colloidal Silver. (C without the alcohol). If anybody’s interested here is the link to the one with alcohol http://qualityliposomalc.com/process/index.html Still if is not necessary I won’t bother & will keep making what I am. I’ve been using it for CFS for a while now, previously used Ester C. … Currently I’ve just had trouble with the little cleaners fizzling out on me. The sellers replace but they seem to last a month if I’m lucky. Anyway, thank you again for the info here.

    • Eddie  June 26, 2016

      Hi Pam,
      I also have CFS. Do you mind sharing if anything has helped you with the fatigue? Nothing has helped my so far. I have very low cortisol so that is a big part of it. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks

      • Gabriela Segura, MD  June 26, 2016

        Eddie, if nothing relieves the fatigue: iodine, supplements, etc… I would look into Garth Nicolson’s research on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It really helped me a lot. This was before trying iodine. Both therapies have helped enormously. Also, a heavy metal detox is very helpful. It has to be done carefully too.

        Those are like the “four horses of the apocalypse” in fatigue and many other conditions: food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity, stealth infections and stress.

      • Pam  June 26, 2016

        Hi Eddie, I was diagnosed 12 yrs ago. I would say am about 3/4 back to where I used to be except not getting younger lol. Was post viral CFS following a bout of Glandular Fever. My theory is it was from the Hep B vaccine I received before going overseas as til then had excellent health. Since diagnosis I slowed down my lifestyle & always have to pace myself. As I’ve said, Vit C has been the most helpful. But also over the years I’ve added a green mix which has chlorella in it for metal detox. I also take a multi B. I know somebody who used & found very helpful, a colostrum supplement – there’s been a lot of research around that… have read some but can’t find the links right now. Here are two links from what I’ve recently found – this one I am going to look at soon to try … it is on my own website (which doesn’t make money BTW, it is only to spread the word on helpful info so am not trying to advertise or anything ) https://envirowatchrangitikei.wordpress.com/2016/05/12/healed-from-chronic-fatigue-procititis-with-raw-food-more-from-matt-monarchs-channel/ Plus recently found this one http://healthimpactnews.com/2016/japanese-doctor-discovers-link-between-hpv-vaccine-and-chronic-fatigue-syndrome/
        Someone recently shared a protocol using magnesium oil & DMSO. Let me know if you’re interested in that one. He said it worked for him.

  12. Eddie  June 27, 2016

    Hi Dr. Segura, do I have to test my blood iodine before supplementing with iodine? Also, regarding Garth Nicolson, does he have a book on CFS? My health is not improving. My adrenals are functioning at a very low level. Not much cortisol production. I am currently detoxing for heavy metals to see if that might help. I have a sleep apnea but cannot sleep with the CPAP machine, so that isn’t helping my situation. Any comments are appreciated. Thank you.

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  June 27, 2016

      You don’t necessarily have to test. You can give the heeling dose a try:


      I really hope you look into this. Forget about Garth Nicolson for the time being, I think you should be looking into nutritional supplementation. It sounds like all your hormones are out of balance. See the links above.

      • Eddie  June 27, 2016

        Hi Dr. Segura,
        I supplement with a lot of vitamins and minerals. I eat mostly organic foods. I gave up sugar and wheat 2 1/2 months ago. No dairy or legumes either. My fasting glucose and insulin were trending upwards and my Ha1c was elevated. After 2 months on my diet of not processed sugar or grains from insulin went from 12.2 to 3.3, my glucose dropped from 91 to 83. My Ha1c also came into normal range.
        Yes my hormones are all out of range. I’ve am supplementing with micronized pregnenolone and DHEA. Before supplementing with pregnenolone, by level was 72, after several months of supplementing my level dropped to 30. I don’t understand. My blood cortisol has also dropped. I checked in last month and it came in at 9. My testosterone is also very low.
        I started a HM detox a month ago and I haven’t noticed much of an improvement except that I feel drained more than usual. I can’t figure out how to get my hormones in balance. Thanks.

      • Gabriela Segura, MD  June 27, 2016

        If you get drained with the HM detox, you are overtaxing your detox pathways and/or mobilizing HM and not getting rid of them. Be careful with HM detox, it is not as easy and straightforward as it sounds. Concentrate on healing your gut and supporting the adrenals. See about the heel dosing protocol. Here is an article which reviews the detox pillars quite well:


        One step at a time!

  13. Eddie  June 28, 2016

    Hi Dr. Segura, you mentioned healing the gut and supporting the adrenals. Can you recommend a protocol to heal the gut. I am currently on a sugar free, grain free, dairy free diet. I also avoid legumes. My diet included organic vegetables, healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, nut butters, and a little coconut oil. My protein choices are chicken, turkey, beef, lamb and occasionally sardines. My choice of drink is spring water. I do drink decaf coffee daily with only stevia. I also take plant based protein drinks in almond milk. For the adrenals, I’ve tried adrenal cortex with no improvement. I also, have high daily intake of buffered vitamin C and B complex vitamins. I recently added wheatgrass juice, liquid trace minerals and also nutritional yeast. I am also on Vitamin K-7, Ubiquinol, Vitamin D-3 and Omega 3, daily. I juice cucumbers with celery and add fresh lemon juice. Not sure why it is, but I have seen no improvement in my health. I still have hope, but it gets depressing at times. Best.

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  June 29, 2016

      Eddie, I would get a food intolerance panel with IgG antibodies which includes candida. Look it up, there are several labs offering it. You could be intolerant to almonds or something seemingly innocuous. Once you eliminate all the problematical foods, you’ll feel better. You might also be able to re-introduce the foods later on when your gut is healed. Decaff coffee is a bad idea. Is it bulletproof, aflatoxin-free? If not, no chance of healing your gut. You might be intolerant to wheatgrass as well and the nutritional yeast. If the adrenal cortex doesn’t work, more up the ladder for adrenal support. Have you tried the heel dosing protocol for iodine?? You can try glycine, three tablespoons three times per day and NAC 600mg per day to heal the gut. There are other supplements like calostrum, but it would be good if you can have your food intolerance panel done first.

      • Eddie  June 29, 2016

        Dr. Segura, Thank you very much for your comments. I will definitely get the food intolerance panel test done. I will give up the coffee as well. I will also address the iodine too.

        On another note, I always wake up with very tender extremities and they are usually coldl. My hands and feet hurt all the time and are also very dry. When I wash dishes the hot water makes my hands hurt even more. Once I tried soaking in my tub for 20 to 30 minutes in very warm water with epsom salt and baking soda and my bones hurt for days. I cannot wear tight fitting socks or gloves. I wonder is that is related to the food intolerances or if it some other issue? Sometimes my finger tips look deflated and wrinkled. I wish I knew what was causing this. Best.

      • Gabriela Segura, MD  June 30, 2016

        It could be several issues, Eddie. Did you have your thyroid checked recently? Why don’t you get DMSO cream and comfrey oil, mix both and see if the pain gets relieved? This is the DMSO cream: https://www.amazon.com/DMSO-Cream-Rose-Scented/dp/B000ZCVVI8

  14. Eddie  June 28, 2016

    I forgot to mention it, but when I detox HM I follow the Quicksilver Protocol. The funny thing is that my Tri Test and blood test showing virtually no heavy metals. Not sure why I am not showing any HMs.

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  June 29, 2016

      What is quicksilver protocol?

      Chlorella, zeolite, activated charcoal are pretty safe when you are not feeling at your best to try something more powerful. It is always good to work on healing your gut, supporting your detox pathways while you do heavy metal chelation.

      • Eddie  June 29, 2016

        Quicksilver is Dr. Shade’s protocol for HM Detox. Thanks.

      • Gabriela Segura, MD  June 30, 2016

        What does it have, Eddie? I go through hundreds of posts per day, I would appreciate if you quote the components.

  15. Eddie  June 30, 2016

    Hi Dr. Segura, the QS protocol involves the process of taking IMD (Intestinal Metals Detox) daily which binds heavy metals in the gut. In addition you used liposomal Glutathione, Vitamin C/R-Lipoic Acid, Clearways cofactors, liver, adrenal, and kidney support, mineral/vitamin supplementation. You start the program by doing it for five days on and then off the detox program for 2 days. The amount of detox supplements and length of the detox are increased gradually. The individual that created this protocol is Dr. Christopher Shade. You can find his videos on Youtube. Thank you.

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  July 2, 2016

      Thank you, Eddie. Actually, that sounds pretty good! It is based on basic pillars of detox. However, pay attention to the way you feel and see if if there is a correlation with the on or off days from the detox. Detoxifying heavy metals can be a heavy duty, however, it seems you chose a very basic and physiological detox protocol. Do try the DMSO cream, I wrote an article about it. It relieves pain magnificently. Best!

      • Eddie  July 2, 2016

        Hi Dr. Segura, while I am on the detox protocol it drains my adrenals completely. Instead of detoxing for 5 days on and 2 days off. I am going to reduce it to two days on and 5 days off and then slowly increase the days on with an extended break every month or two. I will definitely read your article on DMSO and will try it on my extremities. As I type this message my arms and hands are in pain.

        They recommended that I try DMPS to help me chelate the heavy metals. What’s your opinion on the use of DMPS?

        Thanks again for replying and for all you do. Best regards.

      • Gabriela Segura, MD  July 2, 2016

        The DMPS sounds a little bit premature, Eddie. This is something I would try after spending 6 months up to one year on a healing program with good dietary choices and nutritional support. You could even try activated charcoal to see if it helps you with your toxic load in a less abrupt way. If you are going to do the DMPS, make sure it is with a professional who will monitor you and supply for needed nutrients, and who will not force the DMPS beyond of what your body can handle right now.

        Your plan of taking 5 days off sounds good.

        Here is the DMSO article: https://health-matrix.net/2011/03/15/dmso-the-real-miracle-solution/ You can try with the DMSO cream first, I think it will bring relief.


  16. Matilda  July 20, 2016

    Hi, Dr. Segura. I have been taking megadoses of vitamin C daily, up to 50 g daily recently.i mix ascorbic acid with sodium bicarbonate. I was misdiagnosed several years ago and prescribed a couple of benzodiazepines; when I developed dependence and tolerance, I started suffering from withdrawal syndrome. Symptoms were similar to rheumatoid arthritis as well as fibromyalgia. I’m still tapering off and have another year to go; I still suffer from the above pains a lot except when I take AA and mix it with sodium bicarbonate. But I can take megadoses only when I can stay home all day ( I titrate to bowel tolerance). As I need to go back to work soon, I wonder if home-made liposomal vitamin C would allow to take less vitamin C all at once. Thanks for any advice and keep up the good job you do!!!!

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  July 20, 2016

      You can try liposomal vitamin C, although titrating ascorbic acid to bowel tolerance has additional benefits. For instance, it doesn’t compromise your stomach’s acidity and often people feel better with AA.

      You can also get the book “The Mood Cure” to get an idea which supplements you can take to taper off from BZ more safely and with less side effects. Keep up the good work!

  17. anita  July 24, 2016

    I have a good source for inexpensive liquid sunflower seed lecithin. Can I use it in place of the lecithin powder and water? Would I just use a cup of it instead of the 3 Tablespoons and the cup of water?

  18. Michelle  July 24, 2016

    I had a DVT in my right leg in 2011 and it was resolved with warfarin and occasionally my ankle swells after long plane rides bt then gets better with aspirin etc., no major problems. My blood tests were negative regarding clotting problems. Anyway I started taking liposomal vit c a week ago and my ankle started swelling a bit, just curious does the vit c thinken the blood? Or i think i heard it can thicken the walls of blood vessels? Do you think its ok to take with a history of a dvt?

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  July 24, 2016

      Michelle, you might sensitive to the soy lecithin. Vitamin C is excellent for your vessels. Try plain ascorbic acid and see how it develops.

      • Michelle  July 27, 2016

        Thank you for your reply Gabriela, I decided to just watch it and keep taking it with the soy lecithin (I take 1-2 grams in the morning on an empty stomach, and 1-2 grams at night also on an empty stomach) and the little swelling in my ankle has gone down so hopefully it continues that way. I have another question about it. I’ve only been taking it for a week and a half, but how long can we take it for? I’m taking it because has great health benefits, and because it’s amazing for my skin. My skin is not dry anymore, and my complexion is getting better and I’ve noticed that old acne scars are starting to fade! So I’d like to know how long should we take it for, and I read something that people can become intolerant to it in time and it may loose its effectiveness…….is that true??? I hope not! or maybe I misunderstood……..

      • Gabriela Segura, MD  July 27, 2016

        Don’t worry, you can use it as often it is needed. It would still be effective.

  19. Michelle  July 27, 2016

    Awesome thanks!!

  20. Shane  July 29, 2016

    Hi Dr Segura and anybody reading,

    Anone in the UK making this?

    What ultrasound machine are you using? Huge difference in price. Dont mind paying for quality.

    I will need to make the Vitamin C regulary as my partner has been diagnosed with incurable and untreatable cancer in the ampulla of vater. Need to shrink this tumour.

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  July 31, 2016

      Any ultrasonic machine would do. In addition to vitamin C, you might want to check for iodine therapy and the ketogenic diet. A FIR sauna blanket would also be very helpful.

      • Bill  August 1, 2016

        Hi Gabriela,

        “Any ultrasonic machine will do” isn’t exactly true. The low cost £40 or less models don’t run for longer than a few minutes at a time and are only designed for occasional use.

  21. ARCHITA  August 2, 2016

    Dr Segura,
    Thanks so much for your wonderfully informative advice.
    My 17 year old son caught mycoplasma pneumonia with extra pulmonary manifeetatoons 2 years back. He was given sustained antibiotics. Currentky he still has severd fatigue, loss of appetite, taxhcardia with cold hands and feet . His saliva cortisol level is low and flat. He also has low IGg , natural killer cell, and high Ig A. What would you suggest to help with the low cortisol .
    Thanks so much

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  August 11, 2016

      That sounds all too common. Even though the tiredness and health issues were triggered after an infectious disease, it is always a good idea to work at all levels when you are trying to recover your health after such an event. That is, eat an anti-inflammatory diet that is high in fats and restricted in carbs, do some detox efforts and see about taking nutritional supplements according to your needs. See about limiting EMF toxicity and always have a good night sleep. Once you address fundamental concepts, you can see about addressing stealth infections with specific herbal or mainstream treatments.

  22. Milca Hipolito  August 8, 2016

    I want to give homemade liposomal vitamin C to my 5 month old baby to strengthen his immune system. Is it safe to give it to him? If so, how much vitamin c is safe to give him daily? Thank you in advance.

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  August 11, 2016

      Hello Milca,

      In my experience it is safe and beneficial. Although I don’t have the doses right here with me, I know there are resources which clarify doses according to age and weight. You can use those as a guide. Best!

  23. Joseph  August 28, 2016

    According to the recipe, sodium ascorbate is required. Now I understand the requirement for the sodium to “pull” the ascorbate into the cell. However, I was curious if the sodium could be reduced and substituted with another ascorbate, potassium ascorbate perhaps.

  24. P K BARHAI  September 1, 2016

    In the net there are various doses for liposomal encapsulated VITAMIN C with Baking Soda for treatment of Prostate Cancer. Could you clarify what is the appropriate dose.

    Advice may be forwarded to my Email.

  25. Helen Carta  September 22, 2016

    Hello Dr. Segura,

    I’m feeling a tad silly but I am utterly confused about dosage. I made your recipe and it says it is 12 grams when complete. How is this figured? Do I weigh out 6 grams on a food scale of the mixture if I want a 6 gram dose?The total water content of this recipe is 12 oz which is 340 grams so where does 12 grams come from. For each gram of the Liposomal vitamin C how much liquid mass do I take! Thank you:-)

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  September 22, 2016

      Hello Helen,

      You use a tablespoon of vitamin C which will be roughly 12 grams.

      The 12 oz is equivalent to 355ml. If there is 12 grams per 355ml and you are aiming for a loading dose of 2,000 mg three times a day, that would be 4 tablespoons three times per day.

      For maintenance, 2 tablespoons twice daily would be 1 gram twice daily.

      Probably you will have to increase the dose as the home version is only a rough approximation. If there is any excess of vitamin C, you’ll have diarrhea.



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