FAQ – How can I heal from chronic viral infections (EBV) and vagus nerve issues

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Earlier this month (February 2018), a reader made the following question:

I am interested in learning how to heal from chronic EBV and vagus nerve/cardiac issues. I am currently learning to apply the insights of Anthony Williams, Medical Medium, to better understand how to heal. You may also have some insights into my quest. Anthony does not address the vagus nerve/ cardiac connection directly, although he does give great detail to EBV and how it can insinuate itself into our organs and deep tissues. I worry about my heart and I want to learn how to heal this invasion of the EBV into the vagus nerve, which I feel is a key to understanding my symptoms. Thank you.

Chronic viral infections are problematic to heal to say the least. After years of research, there are a few things that stand out though.

-Remove GMOs, processed food, gluten and dairy. Lectins in gluten behave like viruses and you don’t want to confuse your immune system any further. Many food intolerances start with a viral infection. Perhaps you would be able to tolerate some grains after some time (year or two), but as it is, it’s best to eat as simple as possible (i.e. “paleo” diet).

-Do deep breathing exercises (no hyperventilation technique style) to help normalize the state of sympathetic dominance in the body and to stimulate the smart vagus nerve (as opposed to the primitive vagal response). This comes from Stephen Porge’s research on the polyvagal theory. You can check a program from which I’m instructor online:

From the program above, it would be everything minus the “beatha” section, specially the part that goes too fast.

– There are several supplements and complementary therapies that stand out, but it is best if you work with a health care provider directly. From my experience, megadoses of vitamin C (liposomal, intravenous or oral) have an excellent track record. DMSO in combination with other measures could provide relief in the acute phase. Also, lugol therapy, but you need to know the research and/or work with someone for that. If you do lugol therapy before anything else, you risk strong detox reactions and/or a deteriorating the infection. Sometimes it is better to work on detox for a year or more before doing lugol.

– Photobiomodulation will also help to strengthen the body’s mitochondria and the body in general.

I’ve written several posts about all the above in my blog. You can use the search function to find the relevant posts.

– Last but not least, I would consider doing neurofeedback, specially if there is a physiological state of hypervigilance in the body which many people with chronic fatigue syndrome and other “low energy” diseases have. Again, this is part of the polyvagal theory when your body is so completely stressed out, that you move into a state of “body freeze”. Sometimes you need a tool to address physiological states in your body that no amount of breathing and complementary medicine can address. NeurOptimal or a good neurofeedback practitioner can help with that.

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Gabriela Segura, MD.

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