Interview with Dr. Symes on Gluten Sensitivity

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In this interview, Dr. Symes from discusses the latest research on gluten sensitivity, which reveals how everyone might well be gluten sensitive. It seems that only 1/3 of the population is having symptoms at any given moment, but this doesn’t mean that gluten is not damaging the health of the other 2/3! Perhaps the word “celiac” will be shelved and we’ll be talking about “gluten sensitivity” in the future.

In part 2 of the interview, there is a discussion about the glutamic acid in gluten, which is related to seizures.  Also mentioned is how unfortunate it is when many people see idiopathic diseases as the doctor being the idiot, and how this is pathetic for the patients. :)  Well, it is time for doctors to learn more about gluten sensitivities so they won’t be regarded as idiots by this growing community that is benefiting and seeing their idiopathic diseases go away with a gluten, dairy, soy and corn free diet.

In part 3, we find a further review on how evil the foods that are rich in glutamic acid and lectins are, including dairy!

In part 4, a further discussion on how wheat, corn, soy, and dairy can cause damage to your gut.
In part 5, a history of einkorn wheat, its present day manipulation, and the health consequences of genetically altering food.

You can visit Dr. Symes website at . His research on lectins is a must read!

More info and the rest of this interview at

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