Detoxing After the Gulf Oil Disaster and Natural Radioprotection therapies

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On 3/11/11, I had the opportunity to cover Far Infrared Saunas as a special guest on WVP Radio show ‘Gulf Blue Plague’ with host Michael Edward. I intend to cover the subject in depth, so stay in tune.

Also on the show was Jessica, a brilliant student and aspiring saxophonist from Grand Isle, Louisiana, who spoke about her and her classmates’ experiences and health challenges living directly on the Gulf. Her experience confirms my worst fears. Listen to the show to get a real clue of what is happening down there.

On 3/18/11 Mark Sircus and myself were also in the show discussing proven and researched methods for naturally ridding our bodies of the lethal contaminates from our air and water.

Make sure you didn’t missed this important article:Detoxify or Die: Natural Radiation Protection Therapies for Coping With the Fallout of the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown:…

Dr. Sircus is also posting vital information for everyone at International Medical Veritas Association

International Common Law Copy Rights by Michael Edward, the World Vision Portal at, and The Gulf Blue Plague at

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