Natural and Practical Detoxification for Gulf of Mexico Toxins

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Last Friday, I had the great opportunity to speak on the Gulf Blue Plague radio show with Michael Edwards. A New Orleans resident also joined us to share her and her husband’s experience with natural detox protocols pioneered by Dr. Rea. Their experience is incredible and it parallels our experience with the detox as well. Don’t lose hope, you can detoxify and live! We also had a chance to talk about oil eating bacteria that are showing up in people’s systems, even though they don’t live near the beach.

Gabriela Segura, MD from France was our guest on 5/06/11 as we discussed natural and practical detoxification for Gulf of Mexico toxins, including radiation from the higher levels of uranium and thorium in the asphaltic oil still spewing into the Gulf. Dr. Gabriela was joined by a New Orleans resident who had just gone through an extensive detox program with very positive results

Dr. Segura’s websites are at and

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  1. Anonymous  January 1, 2013

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    • Gabriela Segura, MD  January 1, 2013

      Hello Brigitte! I don’t live in France, but I happen to know a book that is very simple and in French. You’ll find the advice you need in order to recover your health and calm down your inflammation there. I read it myself and know that it has guidelines, short synopsis of each chapter and so forth. Mark Sisson is a brilliant writer and very entertaining. It will help you enormously. The single most important thing is what you eat. Let thy food be thy medicine! And the food you eat should be anti-inflammatory. Do not hesitate any longer, you can enjoy better health. Do read this book right away:

      Le modèle paléo [Broché]
      Mark Sisson (Auteur)

      Let me know about your journey to recover your health and thank you for stopping by.


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