Lowering Cholesterol with Statin Drugs – Big Pharma’s Queen of Deception

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Statin drugs -Big Pharma's Queen of Deception - will make you chronically tired, ill and will make you lose your memory and head for that matter. This are only some of the "mildest" side effects of lowering cholesterol with these drugs.

Statin drugs -Big Pharma’s Queen of Deception – will make you chronically tired, ill and will make you lose your memory and head for that matter. This are only some of the “mildest” side effects of lowering cholesterol with these drugs.

The other day I received a message from a high school friend whom I remember to be brilliant, inspiring and creative. She was just a genius. Recently I learned that she also became a medical doctor and has worked in a public health care system treating elderly people ever since. She sent me a message over facebook frustrated because she found herself in the ridiculous situation of pointing out the obvious to Big Pharma reps and colleagues in a heated argument. Statin drugs – which are used to lower cholesterol – were killing old folks. The elderly are falling and getting some serious fractures at the very best and she was certain it was due to the statin drugs. Here is just SOME relevant information for what is worth, in addition to a 101 as to why cholesterol and its quality is so important for our health. May not doctor find him or herself in the situation of having to argue with a pharmaceutical rep or colleague about his or better judgement of eliminating statin drugs and/or advising high quality fat from animal products which saw us thrive for millennia.

The Stuff of Life

Cholesterol is the one unjustly vilified substance which our bodies can naturally make since it is absolutely essential to our functioning. Cholesterol is so crucial, the liver is careful to produce some 1000-1400 milligrams of it each day. We are told by the “Official Thought-Control Institutions” to eat up to 300 milligrams of cholesterol from our diets. But our liver production of cholesterol is controlled by feedback mechanisms depending on how much we eat. If we eat too much we produce less, leaving much needed liver energy for other important tasks such as detoxification from this most polluted modern world.

So when we eat more fat, our liver makes less, and vice-versa. But if we are hardly eating any cholesterol and we block its production with drugs, then we are literally screwed. That is the real meaning behind the most profitable drugs in the history of the world – statin medications to lower cholesterol blood.

Restricting or eliminating cholesterol overburdens the liver who now has to overproduce it through its enzyme – HMG-CoA reductase from carbohydrates in our diet to make up for the deficit. It is this enzyme the one that is blocked by statins drugs at the expense of depleting our bodies from the so much needed coenzyme CoQ10 – a key nutrient to our heart and overall health. Furthermore, producing cholesterol from carbs yields a bad quality cholesterol profile.

The Side Effects of Reducing a Vital Substance

People typically refer muscle cramps or leg muscle aching while on statins due to lack of energy. Keep in mind that your heart is a muscle as well. Incidentally, the rates of congestive heart failure has spiked during the time statins have been a top seller on the market. The “lucky” ones make it into the heart transplantation list. How about quitting statin drugs, changing your diet, do far infrared sauna and get healed while there is still time?

Coenzyme Q10 – AKA ubiquinone (“occurring everywhere”) – plays an important role in the production of ATP, the fuel which our cells use to everyday life processes and purposes. It is present in every cell of our bodies, especially in the very active cells of our hearts. Depriving the heart of CoQ10 is depriving it of a key thing to work. Low levels of CoQ10 are involved in practically all cardiovascular diseases including angina, hypertension, cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure. It is the ultimate joke that statins, for “heart health”, blocks coenzymeQ10.

Some people have recalled falling sick only after they started statins, while it never happened to them before. Some are far more insightful health-wise than any physician. They point out how they don’t feel the same ever since they were put on statins, so they decide to stop them only to see their health come back again.

Statins many potential side effects range from depression, confusion, memory problems, inability to concentrate, liver damage, increased risk of cancer, fatigue, impotence, kidney failure, rhabdomyolisis (destruction of muscle cells), shortness of breath, it hinders our bodies ability to fight microbes and so forth. Cholesterol levels that are below 150 mg/dL increase your risk for cancer, hormonal imbalances, depression, sexual dysfunction, memory loss, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, suicide, and violent behavior.

Don’t Lose Your Head

People and medical professionals seriously underestimate human physiology and mental states.  They also don’t understand the relationship between physiological states and nutrition, where cholesterol is essential to our bodies’ physiology.

In fact, now that scientists know the intricacies of cholesterol’s role in our trillions of cell membrane functions including the universe of nutrient transportation across membranes, they are starting to realize what a bad idea all this statin thing is. The target of statin therapy –cholesterol – just happened to be vital to all membranes for their proper functioning and structure. Processes and mechanisms such as “vesicle formation, migrations and membrane functions throughout the cellular apparatus” whose implications we are just starting to comprehend.

We are making highly unstable and dysfunctional cell membranes with our restriction of animal fats, which then has a toll on our cell membrane’s function.

The past decade of research has exposed the importance of cholesterol rich membranes with fundamental implications for our brains and nervous tissues, immune system and all areas where lipoproteins are created, secreted, delivered and utilized.[1]

Cholesterol is vital to the formation and correct operation of neurons to such an extent that neurons require additional sources of cholesterol to be secreted by brain cells. No wonder people lose their memories and brains with statin therapy!

Statin drugs also impair the secretion of new myelin. A connection between cholesterol and its fundamental role in the immune system and in the cell membrane’s function and structure and its role should not be forgotten when it comes to autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

By restricting cholesterol we change the form and function of every single membrane from head to toe. This harmful effect has indeed far reaching consequences.

The Irrationality

Cholesterol levels may fluctuate in their values regardless of dietary changes. You have to get several readings before having an idea of your true cholesterol levels. So much for putting a person on a statin based on one reading of cholesterol alone! There you have it, profit-making-science.

Modern guidelines say that a level of total cholesterol above 199 mg/dL is high. When I was in med school the upper limit was 240. Once upon a time, it used to be 280mg/dl. Now most doctors try to keep cholesterol below 200 which most people find it impossible to achieve, hence they are put in statins which causes drugs like lipitor to be the top-selling drug in the whole world in 2002 and 2004, and its competitor Zocor, second.[2] Cholesterol drugs have the biggest drug profits in the history of the world!

Profits buy a lot of propaganda (such as lobbyists), advertising and marketing to doctors, including free continual medical education. And instead of investing all the billions they earn in public education of the importance of fats, they are only seeking to demonize fats and see in what other conditions they can push cholesterol-lowering drugs too to perpetuate their top sales rankings AND the debilitation of people in general.

A healthy diet is rich in animal fat and god forbid the masses would switch to their ancestral diet which made them thrive for millions of years. The statin business will definitely not like to see that happen.

Nowadays, if you had a heart attack, the goal is to lower your LDL cholesterol levels below 100, ideally 75 or less and with a profit-making statin of course! Never mind it is totally useless and downright dangerous to do so! Even the very same experts for the cholesterol guidelines disagree with these figures.[3] Doctors will see LDL levels in 75 and say to their patients that they are doing great without seeing what is actually in front of them! If they would only care to really see, they would in fact realize that whoever is in front of them with that cholesterol level is the most pathetic ill-looking and terribly nutritionally deficient person they had ever treated. It is outstanding to see how doctors had stopped thinking and seeing what is in front of them by focusing only on mind-job guidelines and lab tests. Talk about massive blind spots induced by decades of anti-fat programming. Even when a patient points out to them the obvious, “but I eat no fats and no salt and I’m getting worse!”, doctors still don’t get it.

The use of statin drugs is actually linked with microalbuminuria which is known to double the risk for a heart attack or stroke in patients with type 2 diabetes; it is also a marker of poor endothelial function which determines cardiovascular disease risk.[4] Moreover, more frequent statin drug use is associated with accelerated coronary artery and aortic artery calcification, both of which greatly contribute to cardiovascular and all-cause mortality.[5] So doctors are prescribing a medicine which causes the very thing they are trying to prevent. Congratulations! We’ve been had! People are getting increasingly high levels of calcified hearts, and typically during heart surgery “bone eaters” end up being used to replace valves that should had remained silky and smooth. I know where I speak of!

The decades of massive anti-fat propaganda has brainwashed all of us. Upon questioned about their dietary habits, a patient might recall only the fats they ate and think that those are to blame. Never mind that they eat mostly carbs, that is, sugar based foods. Then they remove fat and get frustrated when their cholesterol levels remain high or get even higher. Here is when the statin drug comes. The beginning of the end, since once you start a pill, then comes the other one to counteract the side effects of the first one. And on and on it goes.

It is then when enough levels of cholesterol aren’t available for the body’s repair system, for the uptake of our feel good serotonin brain chemical, for the full initiation of Vitamin D and hormone production and their regulation of blood sugar and inflammation.

Yes, there is a teensy percentage of people out there who genuinely have a true genetic high blood cholesterol that could be dangerous, familial hypercholesterolemia, which is a condition where there is an impaired or even lack of ability to metabolize cholesterol. This doesn’t mean this can be juxtaposed to families with “elevated” (that is, normal) cholesterol.

Sound and reliable medical research hasn’t proved that lowering (or low) cholesterol in and of itself reduces risk of death from heart disease across a population. Moreover, the consumption of animal fats has no link whatsoever with heart disease[6].

Men with very low cholesterol levels are prone to premature death. Below 160 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl), the lower the cholesterol level, the shorter the life due to cancer, respiratory and digestive diseases, and trauma. As for women, if anything, the higher their cholesterol, the longer they seem to live.

Big Pharma and Big Agra systemically destroyed our health in order to fulfill its business customer potential with its cheap and toxic substitutes that have nothing to do with a fulfilling life. It is a crime to give a statin drug to an elderly person, full end of story.



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  1. Steve Boshkov  February 24, 2013

    As a footnote to this commendable article, I note that the octogenerian codger, William C. Douglass, M.D. has always maintained that cholesterol readings under 200 were cause for worry and that everyone should have a reading of 200-300. He says there is no need to worry and he doesn’t want an office visit unless it is above 300 (hypercholesteremia, e.g.). Diet? Animal protein and fat and eggs, skip (all) the carbs. In fact I just read there was a recent study which demonstrated that for people above 55, for every point below 200 the choesterol readings were, all cause mortality increased 0.4%. See here:


    Douglass has also authored a book, The Health Benefits of Tobacco and recommends 3 stogies a day. Prevents cancer and heart disease, dontcha know?

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  February 25, 2013

      Sounds like a wholesome lifestyle to me!

      • Steve Boshkov  February 25, 2013

        No arguments! :-)

        A brief personal note: My father’s father died of diabetes at age 70, which featured a leg amputation. My own father died of diabetes complications after 20 years of conventional treatment (insulin, those dreadful drugs), which featured 10 years of congestive heart failure and body function degradation (CHF being direct “side effect” of one of his drugs, which I told him, but I didn’t wear a white coat). So there is a family issue. I was pre-diabetic (metabolic syndrome) in the 1990s (around age 50, currently 63), so I figured I’d better do some biochemistry. And there the answers were even then, right in the biochem books. Atkins was still the only game in town as a public proponent, vilified in the extreme, of course (the Eades were coming on the scene), but that was enough as it all made sense. Lost 65 pounds on a high fat diet (adequate protein of the animal variety mainly with some whey protein tossed in). Lots of butter, heavy cream, olive oil, animal fat, high mono/saturated fat nuts and in the last few years coconut/coconut oil, as the latter seems to help dementia (mother’s family loaded with dementia and AD), as the brain just adores ketones as fuel (as does the rest of the body) and coconut oil (medium chain triglycerides) converts directly to ketones, so no insulin resistance issues in the brain. Emerging science indicates AD could well be type 3 diabetes. So at age 63, not a trace of diabetic issues (grandfather and father had it by age 50 or so) and my memory is again nearly photographic, as it was when I was 20. So works for me. As always, medicine kills for profit (except in the emergency room and for bacterial infections)–on all fronts.

      • Gabriela Segura, MD  February 25, 2013

        Thank you for sharing your experiences. It is very inspiring! It is truly an amazing testimonial on how your body can thrive when you provide for the right nutrients and nurturing.

  2. Steve Boshkov  February 25, 2013

    One last item. I’ve been listening to a guy named Joel Wallach, a vet by training. He is controversial, of course:


    However, here’s a description of one of his books that he did for the US government:

    Just know this Dr. Wallach was selected to run a $25 Million research program for the government and all his findings were published in a book and has/is used by veterinarians all over the world. This book published is also a national treasure and is kept in the Smithsonian Museum. Dr. Wallach’s research is not hear say, it is science based clinically verified research that get results. Dr. Wallach’s back ground in a nutshell is he grew up on a farm, went to agriculture school, veterinary medicine and holistic doctor.

    Here’s the book:


    Note that Prof Scrauzer noted in the Wikipedia piece was a Professor of Medical Chemistry in the UCal system for many years and was referred to in the Joe Vialls article on tobacco that Laura K-J has cited. He is a co-researcher with Wallach. Schrauzer says he has never been able to give a lab mammal cancer with tobacco.

    Wallach says his Smithsonian book actually proved that diseases were almost always sourced in nutrient deficiency. Unlike doctors, he says, vets actually need to cure the animal. Diet is the key. Alzheimer’s he says is a cholesterol deficit in the brain, as the myelin sheaths are cholesterol lined. He treats people with AD with eggs. Statins are poisons, of course. His diet? 4 eggs (poached or soft boiled) and steak for breakfast and 4 more eggs and steak for dinner. At 73, he hasn’t seen a doctor in 60 years.

    • Gabriela Segura, MD  February 26, 2013

      That is pretty amazing. This information should be common knowledge! I think your testimonial and feedback is great and would make a great post. People need to know that there are folks out there “defeating genetics” by virtue of lifestyle changes that are extremely satisfying and very easy to do. There is nothing like having bacon and eggs for breakfast and a smoke afterwards!

      • Steve Boshkov  February 26, 2013

        Thanks very much. Glad to add something useful to your own effort. My entree into “conspiracy theory” (CT) was originally medicine/health (and fixing my own problems, as already briefly described; medicine/Pharma is obviously as stinking a teeming sewer as ever, though the facts are coming out). From there, of course, the mind goes everywhere and virtually nothing remains untouched by CT: history, religion, science, etc.. CT, properly undertaken, should be called Archeology of Concealed Truth or some such. I was a philosophy major in college, and Truth has always been what matters most to me. The bottoms of these rabbit holes may not be easy to find, but locating them is rather easy. If 911 didn’t ring one’s cranial bell, nothing will.

  3. John  April 2, 2013

    Then of course there is the large-scale Japanese study which refutes the Lipid hypothesis


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